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Hi I'm Jason Deamer, founder of Salt City Home Loans located in the heart of Salt Lake City.  I started in the home loan industry over 19 years ago in 2001, and I’ve worked with and learned from some of the best in our industry.

Mortgages are so much more than just a means to purchase a home.  When left unmanaged, (which most are) they’re vulnerable to excessive finance charges that could have a dramatically negative effect on your financial comfort come retirement.  Home loans managed appropriately could literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan, and shave years off the term of your mortgage. 

With our exclusive technology, we not only build you an affordable home loan, we also manage your home loan parameters for the life of your loan, in a similar way your financial planner manages your long term investment accounts.  We'll be able to identify in real time when your loan will benefit from a program, term, or interest rate change that will save you money down the road.  AND we do all of the interest rate negotiating on your behalf to ensure you always have the lowest interest rate available!  We know it's kinda geeky, consider us your "Mortgage Geek".

We understand that obtaining and managing a home loan is somewhat of a necessary evil for most clients.  We happen to love it, after all we’re mortgage geeks.  We’d like to become your “Mortgage Geek” so you no longer have to think about it.  We’ve got you covered. 

Jason Deamer - President